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KompleteCare: Enhancing Access to Quality Health Care In Nigeria

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The term ‘Quality’ connotes various things to different people. When the word, quality comes to mind, it almost always refers to the level of excellence of a thing, or the degree to which it is free from lapses.

In service delivery, quality may mean timely service to one and to the other, it is satisfactory service. However, when it concerns healthcare, especially in an age where technological advancement is gearing towards a zenith, quality healthcare should imply a combination of timely, satisfactory and optimal care to patients.

There are several indices for measuring quality in this regard and these include but not limited to patients’ experience, benefits and satisfaction. Patients expect to be attended to promptly and they always trust to be leaving the hospital better than they came.

With the society being more enlightened than ever and tilting towards an increasing sense of accountability, questions concerning what makes medical care experience effective and efficient are becoming a common phenomenon. No matter the level of care provided, having long patient-waiting time has been one of the leading causes of patient dissatisfaction and complaints. In most cases, patients leave before being attended to.

With all these being in the spotlight, it is not difficult to notice that people now equate optimal care with high cost of access. This is not right!

In the Healthcare marketplace, it is not debatable that patients are the consumers, therefore, focus should be on how to provide access to quality health care which implies better and affordable care for patients (a far cry from what is obtainable in Nigeria today).

Developed countries have created viable alternatives to solving this challenge as many have embraced telemedicine as a different path to accessing healthcare. Telemedicine, otherwise known as telehealth, implies getting access to care providers online, without physical contact. Not only has this been proven to be more convenient on both sides, it is equally time and cost effective while achieving great outcomes of care.

Africa shouldn’t be left out especially as the world battles COVID-19 pandemic. If anything, this pandemic has categorically shown the world, especially Africa, the imperativeness of viable alternatives to the traditional in-person hospital visits.
To ensure social distancing, many Nigerians have turned to telehealth for support in these trying times, especially in health problems that are not urgent. The quality of the medical care that the patients receive is not compromised even though it is more convenient and affordable. KompleteCare has discovered a way in which one can access quality care while saving time and cost.

Check  out Kompletecare and see how timely and convenient medical care feels like.

2 Major Reasons You Should Consider KompleteCare Telemedicine (Online Doctor Consultation in Nigeria).

1. Easy and Quick Access to Care:

It is no longer news that the average patient in a Nigerian hospital struggles with long queues. It gets even worse when one goes to a government hospital.

For this reason, most patients sacrifice the whole day whenever they want to see a doctor. Beyond the hospital queues which amount to longer patient-waiting time, other factors like traffic, especially in metropolitan cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and Kano, equally make the whole process of seeing a physician more strenuous and time-consuming.

However, the advent of Online Doctor Consultation solves all of these challenges. To consult a doctor online, all a patient needs to do is to register on KompleteCare platform and then Speak to a certified Doctor in a matter of minutes via audio or video calls.

You can also pay for your prescribed medication on the platform and have it either delivered to your location or picked up from the pharmacy nearest to you. Problem is solved without having to leave the comfort of one’s home or office. This makes for easy and quick access to care.

2. Cost effective and Better Patient Satisfaction:

As discussed above, choosing to consult a doctor online will save a patient from the hurdles of traffic. Another way to look at the elimination of this hurdle is the fact that the patient in question will not have to spend money on transportation to the hospital.

Furthermore, by not leaving the comfort of one’s home or office to wait in long hospital queues, time is saved. The time one would have spent in traffic and hospital queues can now be used for other productive ventures.

Studies show that long patient waiting time is among the leading causes of patients’ dissatisfaction in the healthcare system as some of them even grow impatient and leave before they get the chance to see a doctor. With Online Doctor Consultation, the patient decides when and how to see his/her doctor based on the doctor’s availability. This means that they both meet at a time that is convenient. Everyone is happy!

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