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Top Tips for Managing Pregnancy and Work

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In this 21st century, the world has witnessed more women in the workforce, more than ever before. According to a research carried out by Catalyst in 2018, women account for over 48% of the total labour force in many countries. This, of course, includes pregnant women. In fact, working while pregnant is fast becoming the norm which is not bad in itself. However, it is pertinent to acknowledge that if this is not managed effectively, it can be distressing to the expectant mother. Pregnancy, in itself, is a challenging journey for every woman; it can be described as a job on its own. In addition, pregnancy comes with its unique aversions, physical and emotional discomfort which makes every phase of the journey a struggle.

In this article, you will learn proven strategies that you can apply to manage and balance pregnancy and work.
Check out these Six Indispensable Tips:

  1. Build a strategy:
    This is the first and most important thing to do. You have to develop a strategy that allows you get organized and coordinated. The strategy should also help you towards optimal performance at your job. For instance, you can create lists of what is expected of you for the day and set reminders to get them done. In this way, you get to handle the forgetfulness that comes with pregnancy as well as being good at your job.
  2. Control pregnancy fatigue:
    When you are at work, avoid sitting down for a long time. As a preggo, you are susceptible to getting tired often. Therefore, you need to be at alert; you may walk around briskly during lunch time.
  3. Effective Time Management:
    Time is surely an important factor for human beings generally. For you as a pregnant woman, effective time management is even more important. You need to tailor your hospital appointments with your work calendar. If your ante-natal appointments occur during work hours, asides letting your boss know, it may be helpful to schedule the time in your office calendar. That way, your time away from work is accounted for.
  4. Early to Bed:
    Going to bed early had immense benefits. Also, when you wake up, it is advisable to do a 20-30 minute prenatal exercise not just for fitness but positive vibes. This will give you a renewed vigor and energy for the day’s work.
  5. Be conscious of what gets your attention:
    Pregnancy comes with a lot of mood swings and emotional upheavals. Towards this end, you need to be calmer and more focused on your tasks at work. You will not get stressed unnecessarily if you abide by this.
  6. Put yourself first:
    Having this tip as the last one in this article is not by mistake. It is deliberate because you can’t afford to forget it. Always consider yourself as more important than your work. Therefore, be kind and patient with yourself. Know when to stop working and call it a day.

Congratulations in advance!

Sure, juggling a 9-to-5 job with pregnancy doesn’t sound like an easy ride for anyone. If you apply the great tips discussed in this piece, you will be proud of yourself in few months.

Have you gone through this experience in the past?

Please, feel free to share extra tips in the comment section below. Certainly, we all can benefit from your wealth of wisdom and experience.

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June 18, 2020 - 3:29 pm

This is lovely

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Ginika is the Lead health writer at KompleteCare. She also doubles as an editor and proofreader for everything that concerns content. When she's not writing content for KompleteCare, you might find her copy-editing works for authors before publication.

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