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Top 7 Guides to Social Distancing.

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In simple terms, social distancing means keeping your distance or staying away from the public, hence reducing physical contact with others to the barest minimum. For example, you practice social distancing when you cancel activities that have the tendency to draw crowds or when you avoid going to places that have many people, like markets, worship centres, social gathering, among others. Social distancing, otherwise called “physical distancing” implies avoiding proximity with and touches from other people, thereby maintaining personal space as much as possible.

In the context of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), social distancing is one of the most effective ways to curb the spread. This is because it is one sure way to avoid human droplets and secretions from coughs, body fluids and sneezes. Social distancing encompasses staying at home and going out only when necessary like to get food, drugs or essential works, as well as refraining from handshakes and hugs.

In this article, we put together 7 key guides to practicing Social Distancing.

If you are in public, ensure to maintain 1.5 meters away from other people. Avoid the use of public transportation or sharing rides with other people. We acknowledge that there are instances where this is absolutely impossible especially when the restriction to movement is relaxed. The key here is to be conscious of your environment when you share rides with other people.

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Use delivery services instead of going out to shop for food or grocery by yourself. You can make use of or if you are in Lagos or Abuja respectively. Their delivery services are prompt and trustworthy.

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Schools are closed for a reason. So, if you have kids, do not allow them to go on play dates nor have their playmates visiting them this period. COVID-19 is a pandemic, not a holiday!

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Consider using telemedicine instead of going to the hospital.

The fact that Coronavirus is ‘in the air’ does not mean you should neglect your doctor appointments or the treatment of other health concerns you may have. You can still access quality healthcare by using Online Doctor Consultations on KompleteCare. You can talk to a certified doctor on video or voice calls from the comfort of your home.

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Read our article on How to Access Affordable, Cost Effective and Quality Health care in Nigeria.

You can also learn more from If you really need to go to the hospital, do not just show-up. Schedule an appointment with any hospital of your choice on Kompletecare. It is fast and easy.

Endeavor to avoid unnecessary physical work meetings

especially for company managers whose workers cannot work from home as much as possible by using viable alternatives for conference calls using applications like Zoom, Skype, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

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Learn something new.

Whether it is a new skill, a new workout regimen, a new recipe or taking a new course, learning something novel will help you immensely as you social distance. It is important to note that whatever you choose to learn this period should require ‘solo-learning.’

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Most importantly, maintain strict personal hygiene by regularly washing your hands with soap, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers and frequently disinfecting surfaces that many people touch.

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While we advocate social distancing to help ‘flatten the curve’, we encourage you to stay virtually connected with your loved ones as you stay safe. This is a good time to check on and chat up old friends, meet new people online and keep in touch with family. Physically distancing yourself from activities and people you love may be a daunting task. You can fill the void by making ample use of video calls, chats and social media.

It is true that we are all social creatures and by default, we naturally need the contact of others, but “desperate situations call for desperate measures.” Everyone has a role to play in this global fight against COVID-19. The little we do can help slow the spread or escalate transmission of the virus. The ball is in our court.

Stay home.

Stay safe.

KompleteCare cares!

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