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Tips on How to Replace Unhealthy Habits

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Habitual actions are often as a result of inveterate voluntary activities. With time however, these actions become involuntary and automatically do not need one’s volition.

The truth about healthy living is that most of what it encompasses rests in the seemingly little things we do daily. Without a doubt, these things eventually, albeit inadvertently, form our individual habits.

Unhealthy habits go beyond hurting your health, they also cost you money and badly influence your character and wellbeing. So, the earlier you put a stop to them, the better. And you don’t have to beat yourself up for having a couple of these unhealthy habits. As humans, it is only natural to form repetitive patterns in behavior which over time become a struggle to get rid of if care is not taken. Be it overindulgence in alcohol, excessive eating, smoking, eating junks, sleeping too much or too little, not being punctual, etc, the thing about overcoming unhealthy habits is to first admit that they are bad and need to be broken. This is imperative because the danger of becoming “slaves” to one’s bad habits outweighs the trivial satisfaction these habits offer.

Aside from choosing your environment wisely, the easiest route to quitting unhealthy habits is to replace them with healthy ones as trying to stop them abruptly is almost always very difficult.

Even though breaking a bad habit begins with the admission that it is an unhealthy habit and thus should be quitted, cutting off totally from it sounds like a great idea but studies have shown time and again that this approach seldom works. A better way to do this is by cultivating a counter habit which is what this article is fundamentally about – forming healthy habits to replace unhealthy routines.

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So, if you are struggling with an unhealthy habit and need the push to start quitting, the following tips will sure help you replace them and direct you towards healthier and better choices. You will also find out that breaking an unhealthy habit is not as difficult as you think!

Unhealthy Habit    ->   Healthy Replacement

To stop eating junks  -> Eat a lot of fruits on intervals.

Drinking alcohol  -> Drink water or hot milk at stated times.

Smoking -> Chew gum, write, knit, play puzzle instead.

Nail-biting -> Wear gloves, keep your hands busy.

Skipping breakfast  -> Wake up earlier and have a small quantity of food.

Excessive sleeping  -> Set consistent sleeping and wake up time. Use an alarm

Overeating  -> gauge your hunger levels and eat salads in place of other foods.

Laziness -> Begin a new exercise routine.

Finally, always remember: One Step at a Time.

It takes a lot of determination, patience and discipline to break free from an unhealthy habit, so it is great if you go through the transition gradually for optimal results.

Stay Healthy!

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