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Starting a New Exercise Regimen: Considerations

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“January: Body goals – Do a hundred squats daily. Do 25 push-ups. Lose 7kg.

February: Loses concentration. Lacks motivation. Feel Stressed. Quits.”
End of Story

Can you relate to the scenario above?
Does this sound like your fitness journey over the years?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Here’s a challenge to change the narrative this year by starting your new exercise routine on a right footing and following through to the end.

Regular exercise is very beneficial for one’s overall wellbeing. Beyond making you look fit, exercise reduces anxiety, enhances your mood and improves your emotional and psychological health. When done properly, exercise is a wonderful part of everyday living.

However, despite the greatness of exercise and its astonishing benefits, a lot of people find it difficult to stay committed to their exercise routines. The truth is not far-fetched – a good number of people who begin new exercise regimen do so without prior planning. They just start out knowing that they want to be better. But that’s not enough to do the trick and keep that interest sustained.

This article will not only give you ideas on important things to consider when starting your new exercise routine, but also make sure you stay true to your commitment long after the new-year-resolution spirit must have waxed cold.

Top Considerations to Make When starting a New Exercise Regimen

The major things to consider before beginning a new exercise routine are summed up below:

1) It’s fun, see it as one:

First, view the whole exercise idea as an enjoyable experience because it sure is, especially when inculcated in our daily routine. The reason for beginning a new exercise regimen or being committed to one is daunting and more mental than physical. Make up your mind that this is for your own good and get on with it. Yes, it may be challenging at first, but consistency makes it fun with time.
Remember, no pain, no gain!

2) Plan! Plan!! Plan!!!:

You need to have a written plan. The place for proper planning in whatever one sets out to do can never be overstressed.
What do you want to accomplish with the new workout routine? It could be weight loss, get abs, upper body strength, build a fit physique, muscle tone, become more active, etc. Let your goals be spelt out from the outset, and let it be realistic. Also include in your plan, how much exercise you need as well as the time frame to achieve them. Basically, your goals should be SMART. That is, they must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. The emphasis on having these written down is because it boosts your motivation as it gives you a clear direction of what your target is.

3) Integrate your Exercise Regimen into your Schedule:

One of the leading reasons most people do not follow through with a new exercise regimen is their jobs and other things that take their time. Factor in your job commitments while planning your workout routine in such a way that they won’t be clashing with each other.

4) Consider having an exercise buddy:

For whatever reason you may want to start a new exercise routine, it will always be twice successful if you have an accountability partner. Studies show that you have a greater chance of enjoying yourself while exercising with another person (support system). It helps you deal with workout boredom and can be all the motivation you need to accomplish your exercise goals.

5) Go for a health checkup:

Have your doctor advice you on the work out choices you want to make. This is especially important for adults above 40. It is even easier today as you do not necessarily need to go to the clinic for this. You can simply consult a doctor at and make an appointment.

Take it one step, at a time.

Finally, take the new routine step by step. Begin with little targets by setting the bar low, then gradually build up from there. The magic will only happen after some concerted efforts. Remember, in the game of staring a new exercise regimen, consistency is key!

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