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Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb

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Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb
Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb

Postinor 2 works best if taken within 72 hours of sexual contact without protection in order to avoid pregnancy. Postinor 2 will not prevent you from getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex afterwards or if you are already pregnant. In this piece, we explore all the side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb that you may not know.

Key Facts:

  • Postinor 2 contains a synthetic hormone-like component called levonorgestrel.
  • Some side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb include vulvovagintis, implantation obstruction, ovarian cysts, hormonal imbalance, etc. 
  • It’s important to consult a healthcare professional if you are scared that you may be experiencing some side effects of Postinor 2.

Postinor 2 is an emergency contraceptive with levonorgestrel as the artificial hormone-like component, and it is taken within 72 hours (3 days) of having unprotected intercourse. 

You can use Postinor 2 if your regular method of contraception fails, and it can prevent pregnancy in 99 percent of cases. Postinor-2 comes in an enclosed sheet with two spherical, white tablets on it. 

Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb

Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb

Postinor 2 has potential adverse effects, just like any other medication, although not everyone will experience them. 

These side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb may have an impact on anyone:

1. Obstructs the implantation of fertilized eggs

The synthetic levonorgestrel contained in Postinor 2 can weaken the lining of your womb, causing it to be less responsive to a fertilized egg. In other words, it delays or obstructs the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. When this occurs, it becomes almost impossible for pregnancy to happen.

2. Hormone imbalance and fertility issues

It is common knowledge that Postinor 2 aids in preventing pregnancy as an emergency contraceptive pill. But what many do not know is that, among the effects of Postinor 2 on the womb, is its ability to increase the risk of irregular menstruation or amenorrhea, which can occasionally cause an earlier or later ovulation date. 

Although there is little or no long-term fertility data, it is believed that this fluctuation in cycles and ovulation dates may result in an altered fertility date. This means that a prolonged usage of Postinor 2 can make the user unable to track their fertile days.

3. Uterine spasms

Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb

As a progesterone-only contraceptive pill, Postinor 2 works by hindering ovulation and egg release from your ovaries. For this to happen, the medication alters the lining of your uterus and thickens the cervical mucus, thus triggering the release of prostaglandins, changing hormonal levels, and causing uterine contractions. When this happens, it is not unusual to experience mild cramping.

4. Uterine perforation

The use of emergency contraceptive pills is effective and safe. Nevertheless, a 2022 study reports that there is a high chance of them causing uterine perforation. 

However, it is important to note that uterine perforation can also arise from an initial insertion procedure of contraceptives or the steady collapse of the uterine wall from other conditions. This side effect is rare.


5. Ovarian cyst

Ovarian cysts may happen in women using Postinor 2 as it is among contraceptives containing levonorgestrel and ethinyl, a study reveals. Cyst growth on an ovary can cause the size of the ovary to increase beyond its normal size, and sometimes the body takes in the fluid which then accumulates into a cyst(s). 

Ovarian cysts can also cause some discomfort, such as pain during sex, pelvic pain, and abdominal bloating. Ovarian cyst complications are rare, and they usually clear up on their own or through recommended treatments from a healthcare professional.

6. Vulvovagintis

The vagina hosts organisms like bacteria that help keep it healthy and clean. However, taking Postinor 2 can cause disruption in your vagina pH (acid-alkaline balance), thereby causing inflammation of the vagina and vulva. 

Vaginal and vulva inflammations are caused by the excessive growth of bacteria, viruses, or yeast.

Furthermore, the pack and the foil blisters of Postinor 2 have the expiration date printed on them, and once that date has passed, the adverse effects of Postinor 2 on the womb can be severe. Therefore, be very careful to note the expiry dates on any Postinor 2 medication you purchase to avoid any serious complications. 

These effects of Postinor 2 on the womb are mostly short-term and can be resolvable once the medication is cleared out of your system. 

Other Factors to Know about the Effects of Postinor 2 on the Womb:

Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb
  • It is not recommended to use Postinor 2 prior to your first menstrual bleeding.
  • Younger women under the age of 16 should not use Postinor 2 without medical guidance from a doctor to avoid negative effects of Postinor 2 on the womb.
  • Only purchase Postinor 2 medication from accredited pharmacies or drug stores to avoid buying the fake one. 

In most situations, the effects of Postinor 2 on the womb may be mild or severe. This is why it is important that you talk to a healthcare professional first. Your healthcare professional is in a better position to tell you ways to prevent or decrease some of the effects of Postinor 2 on the womb. 

Furthermore, if you are already experiencing some symptoms you believe may be side effects of Postinor 2, don’t hesitate to speak with a qualified doctor on KompleteCare about it today. With the KompleteCare platform, you actually do not have to visit the hospital before you can see a doctor. All you need is your smartphone and internet connection. It’s faster, easier and more convenient. Your privacy and confidentiality is also guaranteed. 

You should also consider talking to a doctor before taking Postinor 2 if you have any of the following health conditions:

  • Diabetes or kidney disease.
  • Crohn’s disease (a small intestine disease) that obstructs the absorption of the drug.
  • Heart disease.
  • Breast cancer.
  • A history of inflammation of the fallopian tubes.
  • Advanced liver disease.
  • A history of ectopic pregnancy.

This is to say that Postinor 2 may not be appropriate for you if you have any of the above health conditions. 

Postinor 2 and other medications

Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb

Inform your healthcare professional or pharmacist of any additional medications you are taking or have taken recently, including over-the-counter and herbal remedies. The reason is that certain medications may hinder the ability of Postinor 2 to function as intended. 

Postinor 2 might not be effective for you if any of the medications called liver enzyme inducers listed below have been taken in the last four weeks. If this happens, your doctor may recommend a copper intrauterine device (Cu-IUD), which is a different kind of emergency contraceptive that is non-hormonal. 

  • Barbiturates and other epilepsy medications (such as carbamazepine, phenytoin, and primidone)
  • Drugs for tuberculosis (such as rifampicin and rifabutin). 
  • Herbal medicine with Hypericum perforatum
  • HIV treatment drugs (ritonavir, efavirenz)

Frequently Asked Questions about Side Effects of Postinor 2

Side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb

What are the side effects of Postinor 2 after a week?

There are some usually temporary side effects that you may experience within 7 days of taking Postinor 2, and they include, delay or heavier menstrual bleeding, vomiting, abdominal cramps, headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and breast tenderness. Do not be wary of these side effects because they subside or sort out on their own.

What happens if I use too much Postinor 2?

Postinor 2 works best within 72 hours of engaging in unprotected intercourse, and it offers a simple way to prevent abortions.

Nonetheless, taking more than the prescribed dosage of Postinor 2 can exacerbate the risks of exposure to side effects such as imbalances in your hormones, distorted menstrual bleeding, and short-term hormonal disruptions. Adhere to the dosage instructions on Postinor 2 for optimal health benefits.

What should I do if I vomit after taking Postinor 2?

Some medications can make one feel nauseous, including Postinor 2. The effects of Postinor 2 are not the same on everyone but if you vomit the medication within 3 hours of taking it, then you have to take another Postinor 2. 

How frequently can I use Postinor 2?

Postinor 2 should not be used as a normal form of contraception; rather, it should only be used in emergencies such as sexual assault, failed contraception (displaced condom or diaphragm), consensual intercourse without the use of contraception, and discharge of semen on the external genitalia. You should also know that Postinor 2 is not 100 percent reliable and is more likely to disrupt your menstrual cycle (period) if it is used more than once during a menstrual cycle. 

It is obvious that Postinor 2 is not as effective as conventional forms of birth control. Speak to a healthcare professional about other efficient, long-term contraceptive methods that will work best for you.

Does Postinor 2 affect fertility, breastfeeding, and pregnancy?

If you are expecting a child, nursing a baby, suspecting you may be pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, speak with an expert Gynaecologist for extensive information on an emergency pill like Postinor 2 and its effects.

Is vaginal bleeding normal after taking Postinor 2?

An emergency pill such as Postinor 2 may cause slight bleeding in some women, and it normally stops within 3 days. However, watch out for heavy bleeding that lasts for more than 3 days, as it may be an indication of a problem. Ensure you contact your healthcare professional immediately if you experience heavy vaginal bleeding that lasts more than 3 days.

When do I have to go to the doctor?

You will have to consult your doctor when you notice that your period is unexpectedly heavy or that it has been delayed for more than 5 days from the expected date. 

Also, it is wise to see your doctor if you have sharp or strange pain in the lower abdomen and a late period. Furthermore, you can endeavour to go to your doctor if you suspect that you are pregnant or need to discuss the best contraceptive methods for you. 


Postinor 2 works best if taken within 72 hours of sexual contact without protection in order to avoid pregnancy. It contains an active hormone-like component called levonorgestrel. The synthetic levonorgestrel plays a major role in the side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb.

These side effects of Postinor 2 on the womb are in the form of vulvovagintis, implantation obstruction, ovarian cysts, and hormonal imbalance. It is important to inform your healthcare professional or pharmacist of any side effects from Postinor 2 or any additional medications you are taking or have taken.

Postinor 2 is effective and safe; however it is still important to always seek medical advice when you notice that your period is unexpectedly heavy or your period is delayed more than 5 days from the expected date, you have sharp pain in the lower abdomen, or you suspect that you are pregnant. 


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