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Safety Tips for the Festive Season

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Year ends are celebration seasons; and yes, for many reasons beyond Christmas. They are exceptionally fun times which everyone looks forward to with excitement and anticipation. It is that time of the year, when everybody takes stock of how the year’s gone, reap the metaphoric fruits of the labour planted in the first, second and third quarters of the year and more importantly, it is a time to unite with friends and family.

Statistics show that even though accidents happen at any time of the year, the rate tends to increase during festive periods and much higher in year ends. It doesn’t stop at auto-accidents alone but also other risk exposures like food poisoning, fire outbreaks, among others.

The good news, however, is that most of these hazards are evitable. So, here are a few tips to help ensure that you spend this festive period safe to avoid putting a damper on the festive spirit.

  •   Make Effective Plans  and Drive With Caution

Safety begins with you planning your activities for the season. Making adequate plans on how you will spend the season will go a long way in impacting your safety usually as regards to pre-planning your movement and like ventures.

For instance, if you have decided to spend the Christmas celebration at a location different from where you currently live (i.e. travel to another state or in most cases, your hometown), it is better to travel by air for obvious reasons like the fact that it is not only faster but safer. But if you are to use your private car, ensure it is thoroughly checked by an auto mechanic, especially if you will have to travel a long distance. This is to ensure that the vehicle is fit for the proposed trip. Also, take sufficient rest so you won’t be driving tired. Even at that, having enough rest is not a guarantee that you won’t get fatigued, so when you do, try and get to a less lonely road and nap a little before you proceed to avoid sleeping while driving.

  •  Drink Responsibly

There will be a lot of get-togethers, family reunions, weddings, house warming and similar celebrations that will likely make you indulge in one or more bottles of beer. For caution, you should drink responsibly. This is very important especially when you need to drive. In fact, drinking alcohol either shortly before driving or while driving is bad, risky and dangerous.

When you are intoxicated with beer, your judgement becomes impaired and there is a high risk of causing harm to yourself and the public.

  •  Maintain Good Housekeeping & Keep Clutter to the Barest Minimum

Less noticed accidents during this season are falls. Falls are the most common accidents and this is usually as a result of some Christmas traditions like rearrangement of furniture in the house, obstacles on the floor, etc.  To be safe, keep clutter to the barest minimum. Take cognisance of your guests and/or children in mind as you rearrange stuff in the house. Maintaining good housekeeping will also involve ensuring that spills are cleaned up immediately to avoid slip hazards as well.

  •  Handle Cooking Appliances and other Electronics with Care

Without a doubt, a lot of cooking is made during the festive season. Therefore, great caution should be made when cooking the different delicacies to be enjoyed by friends and family.

One of the biggest dangers is the improper use of electrical appliances  and unattended cooking. Appliances like blenders, boilers, hot stove, etc when faulty can easily lead to home fires. So, extra care should be made concerning these appliances this period which they will likely be used multiple times. Always watch for frayed or torn cords and wires from not just the kitchen appliances but every electronic device in the home. The insulation on wires can also tear in places that you can’t see, and cause a fire when up against flammable material.  Therefore, it is always best to inspect these gadgets often. Also, don’t forget that keeping flammable dish towels, paper towels, or pot holders next to an open flame is a recipe for disaster as well.

Moving Forward

It sure is a season of joy, love and celebration but do not forget it is best enjoyed when there is life.  Overall, safety begins with you. Make it a primary concern!

Season greetings from all of us @ KompleteCare

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