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How to take Postinor 2 

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How to take Postinor 2

In today’s world, most sexually active women no longer rely solely on their male partner’s withdrawal method as an effective means of preventing pregnancy rather they take their own precautionary measures to ensure that they are not caught unawares with unplanned pregnancies resulting from unsafe sex. 

Thanks to the advancement in medical science, some medicines in the form of oral contraceptive pills have been produced to help with emergencies when a woman and her partner forget to practice safe sex. This emergency contraception can be a solution or problem depending on how they are used. 

It is understandable that even with the varieties of these contraceptives like  Morning-after pills, Condoms, Intrauterine devices (IUD), and hormonal injections available in various pharmacies or hospitals, mistakes are bound to happen at one point in time. Humans are prone to error and can be forgetful at times. 

How to take Postinor 2

Key Points 

  • Postinor 2 is an emergency oral contraceptive pill that a woman can take within 72 hours of having unprotected sex with a man. 
  • As Levonorgestrel, Postinor 2 contains a progestin hormone that works to prevent ovulation which is the release of a mature egg from the ovary. 
  • Most women abuse Postinor 2 resulting in ineffectiveness of the medication. 
  • Postinor 2 is an emergency contraceptive pill and should never replace the normal contraceptive pills as the mechanism of action is different. 
  • The efficiency of Postinor 2 depends on when/how you take it. There is a stipulated duration for which it may not work again. The longer you wait, the lower the chances of preventing pregnancy from occurring. 

In this article, we discuss all you need to know on how to take Postinor 2, and answer all of your questions on Postinor 2. 

What is Postinor 2? 

How to take Postinor 2
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Postinor 2 is a pill containing levonorgestrel (hormonal medication) that can be used as an emergency birth control pill to prevent pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. 

Most women who use Postinor 2 fail to read the instructions written on the leaflet thereby taking it as they deem fit. This makes the medication either less effective or not work at all. There are birth control and family planning methods that sexually-active women can choose from in order to prevent pregnancy as well as protect themselves from Sexually transmitted Infections (STI). 

You can buy Postinor 2 from most pharmacies or drug stores across Nigeria. It can also be recommended by your Fertility Doctor.  In Nigeria, the price of Postinor 2 is between 800 – 3500 naira. So it is quite affordable to an average Nigerian. 

How to take Postinor 2 the Right Way

How to take Postinor 2
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Do you have questions around how to take Postinor 2 or wondering if you are taking it the right way? Read through this piece as we explore all you need to know about taking Postinor 2. 

Like every other medication, Postinor 2 has a specific time and dosage to be consumed. Postinor 2 comes in two white round tablets; each of which contains 0.75mg of levonorgestrel and other active ingredients.  There are two main ways to take Postinor 2: 

  • Take the two tablets at the same time, ideally within 12 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse and no later than 72 hours. You can also take two additional tablets right away if you vomit within three hours after taking the previous dose.
  • Alternatively, you can take one tablet immediately after having unprotected sexual intercourse, then wait for 12 hours before taking the second tablet. The latter needs proper timing as you must not exceed the 12-hour time mark.  Set an alarm to help you remember. 

Postinor 2 is estimated to prevent 85% of pregnancies, 95% when taken within 12 – 24 hours of having unprotected sex, but drops to 58% if consumed after 48 – 72 hours. What this means is that, the sooner you take Postinor 2 after having unprotected sex, the better. 

Postinor 2 should not be taken on an empty stomach. Eating a little portion of food before ingesting the pill is strongly advised. This medication is best taken with a glass of water.


Who should not take Postinor 2?

How to take Postinor 2
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  • Young girls who are 16 years and below.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Diabetic patients
  • Women undergoing breast cancer therapy
  • Women with high blood pressure, heart disease, heavy vaginal bleeding, etc.  

Whether you fall under the above category or not, it is important to Talk to a Doctor if you are on other medications before you use Postinor 2 to avoid drug interactions that may cause harm. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Postinor 2

How to take Postinor 2
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1. Can I get Pregnant after Taking Postinor 2?

Yes; you can get pregnant even after taking Postinor 2. Just like other emergency contraceptive pills, there is no 100% guarantee that Postinor 2 will prevent an expected pregnancy. Depending on how early or late it is taken, it is estimated to prevent 58% – 85% of pregnancies. 

Postinor 2 works to delay ovulation and possible fertilization from happening that month. So, if fertilization had already occurred before taking the pill, it may not be effective anymore.  The effectiveness of Postinor 2 decreases as the day goes by. Thus, if taken 5 -7 days after sex, there are chances it may not prevent pregnancy. 

Additionally, Postinor 2 is meant to be taken occasionally. Taking it every time you indulge in unprotected sexual intercourse will decrease its chances of preventing pregnancy. It will also “mess up” your menstrual cycle. Therefore, if you’re looking to prevent pregnancy, use other methods of family planning that have been proven, and have higher chances of preventing pregnancy from occurring. 

2. What happens if you take too much Postinor 2?

Most young girls are misinformed about Postinor 2 and have adopted it as a preferred method of birth control or family planning. In fact, a recent study shows that many sexually-active young girls abuse medications like Postinor 2, Ampiclox, Andrews Liver Salt, etc. to prevent pregnancy. Postinor 2 is classified as an “emergency contraceptive,” so too much Postinor 2 will weaken the womb and damage the uterus. 

When you take too much Postinor 2, you also increase your risk of miscarriages in the future. 

3. Can I Take Postinor 2 tablets at once?

Yes; you can take the two Postinor 2 tablets at once. The timing for it is also important. Taking Postinor 2 tablets within 12-hours after unprotected sexual intercourse increases the chances of preventing pregnancy by 95%. The percentage and effectiveness decreases with each passing hour. 

4. How Long Does Postinor 2 Last in the Body?

Postinor 2 lasts in the body for about 72 – 120 hours (3-5 days) after which its effectiveness wears off. Because it doesn’t work long-term, it is better to take the right dosage at the right time to get the expected result. The two tablets are enough to do the work, thus, you don’t need to repeat the dosage. Just take the required 2 tablets within 72 hours of engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse. 

5. Side Effects of Taking Postinor 2 

As with every medication, some women may experience side effects after taking Postinor 2. Most women find it to be generally safe; however, frequent side effects include headaches, nausea, exhaustion, breast tenderness, and irregular menstrual cycles.

The synthetic hormone present in Postinor 2 plays a major role in the side effects some women experience. The side effects of Postinor 2 can be mild or severe depending on the individual. You can experience: 

  • Irregular or delayed period
  • Spotting or bleeding during or after the monthly period
  • Hormonal imbalance 
  • Allergic reactions to levonorgestrel

Postinor 2 has an effect on your menstruation as a woman. Read more about the Side Effects of Postinor-2 on Menstruation

Disadvantages of Postinor 2 

How to take Postinor 2
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Postinor 2 has some disadvantages you should know. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • It is not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy
  • It does not protect you from contracting sexually transmitted infections such as Gonorrhoea, HIV/AIDS, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Hepatitis B etc. 
  • It doesn’t last long in the body. 
  • It can cause side effects like heavy bleeding during periods, nausea, headaches, etc. 

When To Talk To A Doctor 

Before you start on any birth control pills or family planning, you should speak with a qualified doctor to help you decide on the best birth control pills to use. Self-medication can lead to serious health problems. Rather than relying on medications like Ampiclox, Andrews Liver Salt, or herbal mixtures as birth control options you should consult a doctor and get professional help and the right medical advice. 

Having to always rely on Postinor 2 as an emergency morning-after pill will not give you a lasting solution in preventing pregnancy. Speak to an Expert Gynaecologist to learn of the best birth control methods suitable for you. 


Postinor 2 is an emergency pill that can help prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. To work effectively, it contains 2 tablets that should be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sexual intercourse.  Keep in mind that Postinor 2 is not a medication for abortion. Pregnancy that already exists cannot be terminated by it. It works only to delay ovulation from happening and possible fertilization. 

Postnor 2 should not replace the regular birth control pills or family planning methods. It should be used only occasionally or during emergencies. Taking the 2 tablets is enough to prevent pregnancy when used as an emergency pill. 

Postinor 2 offers no defense against sexually transmitted infections (STI). You should use condoms to help you prevent STIs and practice safe sex. 

Unless your period is late, you can take Postinor-2 at any point in your menstrual cycle.


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