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Beyond The Happy New Year Wish, Make Smart Resolutions

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Among the numerous beautiful things that come with a new year is the gift of starting afresh. Beyond the happy new year wish you have for yourself and loved ones, a new year presents the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and re-strategize.

It can be challenging to imbibe a new healthy habit, but should you be focused and consistent on the 5 smart habits to build in the new year, these routines will enable you to handle, more effectively, anything this new year throws at you.

If there’s any one lesson the preceding year has taught everyone, it is that things do not always go the way we plan. It is therefore pertinent to develop habits that will make one more equipped to face the uncertainties of life.

In this article,

we put together actionable habits to build in the new year; smart habits which will definitely help you navigate the new year better and wiser.

Even though some of these habits seem small and insignificant, the compound effect they have on your life in the long run cannot be overemphasized especially in regards to bettering your physical and emotional health. And if you already are practicing some of the routines we will outline here, this is equally a reminder to continue and to improve.

What is better than a Happy New Year Wish? Smarter Resolutions!

Below are smart habits to build in the New Year:

1. Plan your day before it starts.

Happy New Year Wish
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One of the things successful people do which others do not is that they plan their day before it begins.

Like it or not, this singular action makes a whole lot of difference in how one’s day can go.

The average person jumps out of bed, gets dressed and goes to work.

Probably because a lot of people go to bed late, it is common to always rush things in the morning to meet up with the day’s hustle.

However, this has proven to be counterproductive. A day that begins with a rush ends up having you exhausted and not in control.

So, as the year begins, endeavour to sleep on time, wake on time and plan your day.

Having a short to-do list is a good way to begin.

At the end of each day, tick the activities you were able to do. This does not only tell you how productive your day went, but also the things you were able to achieve. You will also notice that the to-do list will help you manage your time better as you know there are tasks that need to be done.

With planning your day, the day goes more deliberate and way better.

2) Take Warm Water on Empty Stomach Daily.

Happy New Year Wish
Credit: Pexels

For a better health in the new year, adding a glass of warm water every morning to your routine will improve your well-being in more ways than you can imagine.

When you drink warm water first thing in the morning, fat and food particles in your system are dissolved. It relaxes the blood vessels and helps to flush out toxins, making it easier for you to eliminate waste from the day before. Because drinking warm water stimulates the movement of the intestines, digestion is improved.

Implementing this habit on a daily basis enhances the body’s functions and keeps the body balanced at all times.

3) Have a Routine Health Budget.

Happy New Year Wish
Credit: Pexels

‘Health is wealth’ is not a mere cliché. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught everybody to make good health a priority. With all that happened in the preceding year, it is only imperative that everyone takes their health more seriously. Build a habit of having a weekly/monthly health budget.

This New Year set aside a given amount of fund for your health. This budget should cover paraphernalia that improves your immune system and keeps you in sound health such as, fruits, vegetables, gym membership, supplements and so on.

Make investing in your health a habit this new year, so you would continually remain on top of your health.

Do not forget to add routine health check-ups to the budget as well. And if you have the challenge of time constraints and thus may not afford to frequently visit the hospital, you can always Speak to a Doctor on KompleteCare from the comfort of your home or office to check with your health.

4. Go to Bed Early.

Happy New Year Wish
Credit: Pexels

Below is a nursery rhyme a lot of persons can relate to:

“Early to bed

 Early to rise

 Makes a man

 Healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Studies show that every healthy adult requires a minimum of eight hours of sleep. In reality, not many people put this common knowledge to practice. A lot of people do not sleep on time for many reasons, and this has a big effect on one’s health and well-being.

This new year is a good time to inculcate the habit of sleeping properly.

Read our article on how best to Practice Proper Sleep Hygiene

5. Regular Exercise.

Happy New Year Wish
Credit: Pexels

Having just come out of the festive period, it is expected that many would add a lot of weight. A very helpful habit one can benefit from in the new year is to begin to exercise.

Beyond making you look fit, exercise reduces anxiety, enhances your mood and improves your emotional and psychological health. When done properly, exercise is a wonderful part of everyday living.

Begin with little targets by setting the bar low, then gradually build up from there. The magic will only happen after some concerted efforts. Remember, in the game of exercise, consistency is key!

There you have it:

Actionable and smart habits to build in the new year. We know that you cannot wait to begin smashing the goals you have set for yourself this year. Read our article on Starting a new exercise regimen: Factors to Consider

Message from KompleteCare Telemedicine:

Studies show that it takes 21 days to get accustomed to a new habit. So, beyond just making the happy new year wish, it is important that you make conscious effort and determination to learn these new habits through. Remember that in reality, the New Year is still the same mornings and nights. It is only your courage to make things better that makes the world of difference.

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