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5 Ways to Relieve Job Stress After Work

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Barney dropped himself into the waiting arms of his cushion and tried not to screw his face into a frown so that the ache in his head won’t build up. Tired, thirsty and trying not to doze off on the armchair; this is basically the scene that plays out in the young banker’s home every day. What aches him most is the fact that he has to get over this round of stress before the alarm blares him into the next day, and so he tries to pull off his shoes, wondering if he is the only one going through this level of stress and scared that there might be no better way to manage the stress other than his usual daily popping of Paracetamol tablets.

Was it the job? Or was it his diet? The traffic maybe, or the thought of repeating a routine every single day? Barney just couldn’t get his hands on the root of it, nor could he decipher how to tackle it all.
If you are asked to describe the life of the average Nigerian living in a metropolitan city, your description will sure not be too distinct from that of Barney. And if you are currently in his shoes, wondering how best to manage stress from your day job, then the following tips will be helpful in keeping you destressed and refreshed at the end of each work day.

Exercise: The right type of workouts tends to leave you relieved after the day’s ‘hustle.’ Exercising releases endorphins – hormones that work in reducing aches and boosting pleasure, making you feel happy in general. Remember the reason for the exercise is to relax, so exercises like road walk, skipping, yoga and dancing are encouraged, rather than more strenuous workouts like weightlifting, to achieve the desired result.

Have a Healthy Diet: The benefits of eating right cannot be overemphasized as a balanced diet is key to experiencing a stress-free day. Embracing healthy eating as a lifestyle is pivotal in fueling how good you feel. It does not necessarily imply that you should eat special foods, but simple diet changes like switching from eating junks to eating fruits and vegetables can greatly impact your stress level. Make sure to eat meals that have healthy nutrients in their right proportion.
Another source of stress is Dehydration. The brain is 85% water, and carbonated drinks are not a substitute for water intake. So, swap the can of carbonated drink for a bottle of water and keep it in your person all day long.
Endeavour to Relax:  Most of the time, the pressure from work overwhelms a lot of persons. Thus, make a deliberate effort to calm down. Take deep breathes and long baths.  Look for activities that put your mind and body at ease. It could be as simple as listening to your favourite music, sleeping early, writing or watching movies. Whatever gets you to unwind at the end of the day is highly encouraged.
Relaxation helps to make your muscles less tense, so expect the headaches to ease off at the end of these routines.
Hard drugs are a no-no: Drugs are chemicals whose jobs are to set off series of chemical reactions in your body once ingested. Stress has been shown to increase one’s inclination towards addiction to drugs in general as overtime, myths and misconceptions have spread that these drugs help to relieve stress. On the contrary, heroin, cocaine and the likes stimulate the release of Corticotropin-releasing Factor (CRF), the very hormone that causes the body to react to stress. With this in mind, if you have fallen victim to this ploy, you should work towards looking the other way when it comes to hard drugs.
Don’t Bring Extra Work Home: Bringing work from the office to your home only does more to destabilize your mind. Try as much to keep these two worlds apart. This can be achieved by doing your best to finish all projects you have for the day at your workplace. With this in place, you are rest assured that you are going home to rest and not work again.
Work related stress is currently on the rise and no particular occupation is exempted. Teachers, Traders, Project Managers, Health Practitioners and almost everyone with a job stands a risk of experiencing this. With the right approach however, you can overcome it and come out refreshed, relieved and ready to be the best version of yourself the next day.
 It is worthy to reiterate that abusing drugs to handle stress is not just a bad idea but a dangerous one at that. Should the stress-related headaches and body pains persist, Consult a Doctor Online to get expert advice and drugs prescription to manage stress effectively.
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