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5 Great Ways to Boost Your Memory

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…No matter what angle you look at it from, cementing vital information into our long-term memory cannot be wished away. Hence, having a better memory is worth every effort as it remains one of the aspects of our lives that we cannot do without.


Introduction: In the age of technology, where information is at our fingertips, the significance of a robust memory remains unparalleled. Despite our reliance on gadgets, there are aspects of life, from daily tasks to critical information recall, where memory plays an irreplaceable role. This article explores the necessity of a better memory and provides proven ways to enhance it.

The human capacity to understand information, store it and remember it when needed is what Memory is basically about. In popular Nigerian parlance, “we are happier than our forefathers.” There is nowhere this assertion is truer than in this era of marked advancement in technology and systems all over the world. We live in a millennium where we can comfortably outsource our memory to gadgets around us.

Why is improving memory essential despite technological advancements? While technology offers memory outsourcing, aspects like recalling names, locations, and critical information necessitate a robust memory. This article explores the significance of memory and provides effective ways to enhance it in our daily lives.

Thanks to digitalization, today, by simply having a smartphone, you can keep track of notable events like your partner’s birthdays and wedding anniversaries. You can also have reminders and alarms set to keep you at bay with activities you need to partake in. Internet search engines have equally made it easy for users to have access to information at their fingertips. Thus, you might fall into the temptation of asking why anybody may want to improve their memory.

To not lose the focus of this discourse, remember that, as earlier stated, having a good memory implies the ability to recall information. Therefore, even though the benefits of outsourcing our memory to technology cannot be debatable, there are a lot of aspects in our lives which will require our memory. I mean, no gadget in the world helps you remember where you left your car keys, an important document or something as seemingly trivial but essential like remembering names and faces, let alone crucial information during tests and examinations for students and professionals. No matter what angle you look at it from, cementing vital information into our long-term memory cannot be wished away. Hence, having a better memory is worth every effort as it remains one of the aspects of our lives that we cannot do without.

As you read on, you will get to know great and proven ways to improve your memory because it is, as a matter of fact, essential.

5 Ways you can boost your memory:

  1. Be attentive: One of the integral constituents of our memory is attention. Usually, information is first stored in our short-term memory before it evolves into our long-term memory, thus to recall information even after it has long been heard/read, it helps to pay deeper attention to it. While improving one’s memory requires deliberate effort, you do not have to be self-conscious when trying to do so. All you need to do is to relax and concentrate on the information.
  2. Be a good listener: Effective listening helps to boost one’s memory because listening has been proven to help enhance memorization. The mistake most people make is to equate hearing to listening. They are two different things. Usually, a good number of people hear, but only a few really listen. Take an instance like attending a conference. It is conventional to meet new people and introduce yourselves. Shockingly, few people recall the names of the people they met a few days afterward. This is because what almost always happens is that people heard the names but didn’t listen to the names. Imagine meeting one of the persons afterward and calling them by their name. The effect will often be in your favor as the person will likely not remember yours. According to research, this can boost the person’s impression of you, hence giving you a social advantage if you need the relationship for something productive.
  3. Have a mental picture of the information: Whether as a student or a professional, visualizing information improves memory greatly. In cases where there are no visual cues to help, you can create your own. You are more likely to remember information if you already have a mental picture associated with it.
  4. Maintain proper sleep hygiene: If you are looking to improve your memory, you need to get enough sleep. Among the benefits of sleeping is the awesome ability to remember things you read better. Matter of fact, sleeping immediately after learning something new has physical changes on the brain, a report says. So, when next you are trying to grapple with recalling some information or even preparing for an exam, endeavor to have a good nap after studying. It enhances your learning and remembrance.
  5. Repeat or Recite the information: In a bid to remember something, many may be tempted to cram. Now, the downside to cramming is that it hardly ever sticks in the long term. Even the short-term storage of information is not guaranteed as just forgetting one word can disorganize the way the information is arranged in your brain. Whichever way, you’d lose at both ends. It is usually best to understand and assimilate information into the brain. Repetition and recitation do it better. Repeat the information in your mind as many times as possible. Merely reading it is scarcely enough because humans tend to recall information more when it is recited and rehearsed.


In the intricate tapestry of our lives, memory weaves the threads that connect us to our past, guide us through the present, and shape our future. The exploration of memory enhancement is not just a pursuit of cognitive prowess; it’s an investment in the quality of our experiences. As we navigate a world where information is abundant yet ephemeral, the timeless value of a reliable memory becomes evident. Embracing techniques to sharpen our memory is not merely a cognitive exercise; it’s a commitment to enriching the narratives we create and cherish. So, let us embark on this journey of memory refinement, appreciating the profound impact it has on the intricate mosaic of our existence

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Ginika Oluchi Okeke is the content writer Lead at KompleteCare. She also doubles as an editor and proofreader for everything that concerns content. Reach Ginika at

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Ginika Oluchi Okeke

Ginika is the Lead health writer at KompleteCare. She also doubles as an editor and proofreader for everything that concerns content. When she's not writing content for KompleteCare, you might find her copy-editing works for authors before publication.

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